Le Parfait Magical Organic Soap Made in Kuwait

I have been using soap bars for a very long time. I started to enjoy soap bars much more than liquid soap. I used to buy from the supermarket then I started to buy from Lebanon or Turkey when I visit. The product from Lebanon was one of the best until I tried a soap called Le Parfait in Kuwait. Le Parfait has a magical organic soap called Myrrh, and for those who knows the advantage of Myrrh will use it immediately. It is a natural antibiotic to acnes and Le Parfait use the right quantity of Myrrh in the soap. There are other soaps which includes Myrrh but very small quantities. Le Parfait offers the highest quality in the market and I consider it the best organic soap in Kuwait. Try buying from Le Parfait and once you try it, you will never switch to something else. 

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