Sony Playstation 5 | PS5 is The Hardest Playstation To Find in Kuwait

Finding a Playstation 5 right now is almost impossible. I have been checking websites almost everyday, and everywhere it is sold out. No one knows when they will have the next shipment and I don’t know how much AlRehab will charge. I am sure it will cost more than 200 KD because they always charge extra. The list made by Ryukers Blog shows all the stores that sells the PS5 in Kuwait. So far all the stores in Kuwait restocked one time only and I am reading articles saying there might not be any stock until next year for the US. Does the same thing apply to Kuwait, I hope not. Everyone in the family is asking how to get it and it is becoming very hard to get. I wish it is as easy as getting the new iPhone or Galaxy phones where everyone can just preorder and wait. Preorders are impossible when it comes to Sony Playstation 5 in Kuwait. I hope by next month everyone can find a PS5.

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